Michael Spiro
Michael Spiro

Michael Spiro

👋 Hi! I'm Michael.

Most people (including nearly all of my friends and even my former bosses) call me Spiro (my last name).

I recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis (summa cum laude — I probably spent too much time studying). I love investing and seeing people's visions and ideas become a reality (and helping make this happen). While in school, I founded two companies (Discovr and The Takeoff), interned for three venture / growth firms (Equal Ventures, Ground Up Ventures, and JMI), and founded the now leading entrepreneurship club at WashU.

I am currently on a gap year before joining JMI as a B2B software-focused investor next summer. I'm young, hungry to learn, and excited to help build the future. I've spent the past few months working on Discovr and consulting for Addition (Lee Fixel's new venture fund — he was early in Spotify, Flipkart, Peloton, and a number of others while at Tiger Global).

A few quick highlights:

Navigating the site.

Below, you can learn more about my interests, things I've done, and what I am passionate about, among other things.

A bit of background.
  • Recent grad (class of 2021) from Washington University's Olin Business School (double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship). I graduated summa cum laude and Beta Gamma Sigma.
  • I am the founder of The Takeoff and have experience working in VC (JMI, Equal, Ground Up, Addition) and with early-stage SaaS startups (Intelloacq. by SailPoint).
  • I grew up in Westchester, NY.
  • I love sports, tech, startups, investing, and, above all else, my family and friends.
  • I also love learning and promoting learning among others (that's part of the reason I started The Takeoff — learn more here — and Discovr — join the waitlist).

⬛️ Where To Find Me

If you want to get in touch, you can find me and my work on:

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