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Blog Posts, Research, and More

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Blog posts:

Deep-Dives, Research, and More

I do a lot of research on my own, in my free time β€” stemmed out of my love for learning. Much of the research I do is small, not really amounting to anything; however, some of the research I do is more structured / organized.

Deep Dives:

  • SaaS Management Deep-Dive. In my first deep-dive for The Takeoff, I explored the fast-growing, often under-the-radar space of SaaS Management. Check it out here.
  • Mental Health & Wellness. During quarantine, I spent a few weeks diving into the mental health & wellness industry. I looked for startups promoting: digital therapy, meditation / mental wellbeing, physical fitness, etc. Reach out if you're curious to learn more about my findings.


  • Mapping the WashU Startup Landscape. In April 2019, I created a market map and database of all the startups founded by WashU alumni with $1m+ in venture funding since 2014. See my Medium post and the spreadsheet of companies.


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