Investing Thoughts / Spaces of Interest

Some investors are focused on 1-2 sectors in particular. Others have a more generalist approach. I like to think of myself as being somewhere in the middle. I enjoy spending time across a number of areas / industries, but not everything.

Spaces that excite me most.
  • Enterprise software
  • Productivity
  • Sports, Health, and Wellness
  • Consumer brands: brands that can help shape the future
  • Other
    • Consumer social / "SaaS for consumers"
    • FinTech

  • Logistics
  • Vertical SaaS

Where I've spent time in the past.
  • Industries
    • SaaS management
    • B2B marketplaces
    • Customer Success / Customer Experience
    • Construction technology
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Board management software
  • Geos
    • Isreal
    • Japan

What I look for in a business.
  • Strong founding team & vision
  • Strong network effect / moat possibilities
  • Strong business (i.e. big TAM, strong unit economics, high retention, sticky product / killer UX, etc.)


To sum it up, I am most interested in things that have the potential to shape our lives in the future. People / companies with a vision of the future, that includes the thing they are building, excite me most. If you are able to see a better future, due in some respect / capacity, to the product / company / etc. you are building, that (in my opinion) will set you on the right path for success. And, hence, gets me excited!

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