Research & Things I've Put Together

Research & Things I've Put Together

I do a lot of research on my own, in my free time — stemmed out of my love for learning. Much of the research I do is small, not really amounting to anything; however, some of the research I have done is more structured / organized.

Let's see it.

The Takeoff Site

Mapping the WashU Startup Landscape During the spring semester of my sophomore year at WashU, I created a startup map / database of all of the startups founded by WashU alumni that had raised at least $1M since 2014. MEDIUM POST SPREADSHEET OF COMPANIES

Mental Health & Wellness Deep-Dive During quarantine, I did a brief deep-dive into the mental health & wellness industry. I look at startups promoting: digital therapy, meditation / mental wellbeing, physical fitness, etc.

WashU Startup & VC Resources Earlier this year, I put together a few (hopefully) helpful resources for WashU students interested in tech, startups, and entrepreneurship. Resources for Students on Campus (WashU) WashU in VC & PE * I saw that a few other schools / universities have lists / databases of their alumni in the venture and PE space. WashU, however, to my knowledge, had no such resource, so I figured it would be beneficial to put something like this together. If you are a WashU alum in the VC or PE space, feel free to add your info to the list.

Additional I have been doing a deep-dive into several additional industries over the past 2/3 months (as of June 2020). Reach out if you would like to know more about what I am looking into. Guide to Cold Outreach (created by Lukas Steinbock) My co-founder at The Takeoff, Lukas Steinbock, recently put together an awesome resource on how students can use cold outreach to get in touch with founders, investors, and operators. This is an awesome resource, and we should all thank Lukas for taking the time to put a lot of our practices into more formalized, structured text for all to see, access, and benefit from.

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