Startups and Venture Capital

Startups and Venture Capital

My older brother works for a growth equity firm in NYC. He first taught me about startups and venture capital when I was in high school, and I have since fallen in love. During my 3+ years in college, I've started a few things, worked at some pretty cool places & with some amazing people, and learned a lot.

I have experience interning for an early-stage SaaS company, two early-stage venture capital firms, and a B2B software-focused growth equity firm. I also founded the now leading entrepreneurship club at WashU (the Washington University Entrepreneur Society) and a platform focused on teaching & inspiring the next generation of tech and startup leaders (The Takeoff).

Check out Jobs, Internships, and Things I've Started to learn more about my work / entrepreneurial experiences.

I spend most of my day consuming startup, tech, and venture capital news (I also watch a lot of sports — but often do these simultaneously).

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I am interested in a lot of the things that technology can do to improve our lives. Some of the areas and trends I am most interested in include:

Note: my background is primarily in B2B software, but I also enjoy spending time looking at consumer businesses.

  • The future of financial infrastructure
  • Education landscape shifts
    • Building online communities that resemble in-person communities / networks built at university
    • Lambda School for other areas
  • Consumer: Brands that can shape the future
    • Yes, I think of consumer companies as technology companies because although their end product may be a piece of clothing, they need a strong supply chain, online presence, and more to succeed in today's day and age. Thus, technology is a key part, even for these businesses (think Allbirds, Bonobos, Warby Parker)
  • Changes in transportation and logistics
  • Productivity / efficiency
  • Taking young people seriously
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Creators: Helping creators spread their content + make $
  • The rise of athlete- / celebrity-founded and funded companies


To sum it up, I am most interested in things that have the potential to shape our lives in the future. People / companies with a vision of the future, that includes the thing they are building, excite me most. If you are able to see a better future, due in some respect / capacity, to the product / company / etc. you are building, that (in my opinion) will set you on the right path for success.

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